Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Having your SILHOUETTES cleaned

Having your Hunter Douglas Silhouette® (or any Generic Version) regularly cleaned by a professional will extend the life and beauty of this fine window treatment. Over time the fabric of a Silhouette will accumulate airborne pollutants, dust and grime that dulls its appearance. Neglected spots may set into permanent stains. An amazing amount of dirt removed can be removed from "white" Silhouettes. You'll find after cleaning they are now smelling fresh again with the dull white replaced by a whiter shade.

Proper handling and professional cleaning techniques are important in protecting the investment these shades represent. Hunter Douglas and other manufacturers recommend deep cleaning them using either On Premises or By Ultrasonics. At Evolution Cleaners will be happy to answer your questions and help you to renew the beauty of these fine window treatments. Cleaning is a wise investment for those who wish to enjoy their Silhouettes for years to come and avoid the burden of prematurely replacing them.

On Premises Method

Evolution Cleaners FABRIQUARE TECHS have made a significant investment in both the specialized training and equipment necessary to properly clean Silhouettes on Premises.

Hunter Douglas has specifically mentioned the On Premisies cleaning Method in their materials in reference to cleaning of their products in the past for a reason.  Evolution Cleaners cleaning technicians who have undergone the training to become FABRIQUARE TECHS have the proper techniques for cleaning of a Silhouette using an injection/extraction cleaning method. These are recognised technicians who have gone through hands-on training courses and have received the experience and professional knowledge to properly care for these products. Technicians using this method will in most situations clean a Silhouette right where it hangs. Typically, our technician protects the area behind and below the window treatment. The Tech Then Vacuums the interior of the silhouette in order to remove dust, dirt and (very often) flies and Mosquittos that have gotten trapped between the slats! We then use our on premises cleaning machine  to spray on a special cleaning solution which is immediately vacuumed off. The Silhouette is dry in a very short time.
Evolution Cleaners Cleaned Several Silhouettes at a home in the West Island of Montreal Just this past week. The Job was to clean The Silhouettes On a long Water Front Solarium Style Window That Encompassed The Kitchen, Dining Room, Living room and Hall way. Because the Windows open up to the Waterfornt, The Major issue with these Silhouettes Beyond the Usual Dust and Dirt was the Trapped Bugs (flies, Mosquittos and Lady Bugs) between the slats. We Diligently vacuumed all these critters out (practcally slat by slat) before we proceeded to clean them. They ended up looking like new! We even were able to repair the machanism (up-down) of a large patio door silhouette.
This was a repeat client, who has The silhouettes cleaned yearly. She is very happy with the service and the cost! Repeat Clients always recieve a discount each time they call us!

Here's a pic of the job!


Our Next Post will deal with Cleaning Silhouettes Using Ultrasonics!
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