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Ultrasonic cleaning harnesses the power of sound waves and scrubbing action of exploding microscopic air bubbles they produce in the cleaning solution to gently yet thoroughly clean a Silhouette. The Silhouette is removed from the window, transported to the ultrasonic machine, cleaned, hung to dry and then returned to its place. Simple!

Typically, Evolution Cleaners Uses the Ultrasonics CLenaing Method in situations where the on-premises method is not an option, Such as when a Locale is undergoing Painting or Contruction. In these cases, we will remove the Silhouettes along with their support Brackets, have them cleaned and properly stored until it's time to have them returned to your location at the appropriate time. The cost of having your Silhouettes cleaned Ultrasonically or On premises is the same, as is the quality.

To Get a better Idea of the May Ultrasonics can clean all blinds, But Specifically Silhouettes please view the promo video by Morantz, the company whose Machine we use. Specifically see from 4:45 to the end to get a great idea of the effectiveness of Ultrasonic SIlhouette (and Luminettes Cleaning).


Evolution Cleaners Will be happy to answer any and all of your questions concerning the cleaning of your SILHOUETTES. We will give you the best advise and recomend the best method for you to chose from! But be sure, you will be happy with the results!

About Silhouette Cleaning

Will cleaning make any holes worse?
No, if handled with proper care, any holes will remain as they were before cleaning. During inspection before cleaning, finding holes from window handles, cranks etc., especially on the back sheer by the bottom rail are not uncommon. If center vanes are separating coming apart due to a problem with the glue lines then cleaning is NOT recommended!

Will cleaning remove puckering or glue line wrinkles?
Over time some puckering of the face sheer is not uncommon, especially in wider Silhouettes. Excess heat, improper handling during cleaning or use of the wrong chemicals (in spot removal) can result in puckering or make it worse. A knowledgeable professional blind cleaner Like Evolution Cleaners will know how to minimize puckering, remove minor creases and keep your Silhouettes looking presentable for many years.

Can paint spots be removed?
Sometimes. A knowledgeable professional blind cleaner will be able to remove (partially or fully) some types of paint, especially if it is fresh and not in the fabric of the floating vanes. Sometimes enough paint can be removed to make the spot less noticeable. Fresh water based paint spots should be dabbed off with plenty of plain water, taking care not to spread the spot. Call a professional blind cleaner immediately and DO NOT try to remove the paint with common solvents or damage may be done that can not be reversed.

Can the room darkening Silhouettes be cleaned?
Yes, however they must be done with different procedures - whether done using the On-Site method or by an ultrasonic cleaner. Cleaning a room darkening Silhouette ultrasonically may ruin it or drastically shorten it's life span. (It also voids the manufacturer's warranty.) When the vanes are closed flat, if you can not see the skin tones of your hand placed behind the shade you probably have a Bon Soir Silhouette.

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